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Love the loft space. Books lining the stairs

Jordyn and Brandon photographed by Andrew Crawford.

Just wondering what you doing now?... Just woke up. So watching the kid and man play. Think I have flu or something. How did you sleep?

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Y así van pasando los dias , las semanas, los meses, los años y ti y yo seremos mas que un recuerdo seras mi nada cuando me vean con las vista perdida y me pregunten que tengo ❤

uando me vean con las vista perdida y me pregunten que tengo ❤


When a rider gazes into a horses eyes they find a part of themselves thought to never be found-anon Love dapple greys

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I wish on dandelions and shooting stars. Very taken by my DH. You can find Him at formydandelionprincess

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an engagement session in your home can be cute and cozy! preparing a meal or sharing a coffee or tea provides the perfect opportunity to catch sweet, intimate moments in your favourite place together Couple lifestyle home

Future HQ?

WOW dream studio tbh all I want is a loft and natural lighting