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several pita breads on a plate next to drinks
Pupusas with Curtido
Pupusa Recipe
1h 15m
a close up of a pizza on a pan with the words school pizza recipe above it
Was a nostalgic memory from my childhood
School Pizza Recipe
a spoon full of macaroni salad with carrots and celery on it
Best Hawaiian Style Macaroni Salad Recipe
Hawaiian macaroni salad makes a perfect summer meal or side. Sweet and tangy, this version of the popular picnic staple is a new, fresh take your friends and family will love. Plus, it is a great make ahead dish, which means you don’t have to stress putting it together the day you need it.
a grilled cheese sandwich on a cutting board with tomatoes and parmesan cheese
Pizza Sandwich Recipe - Easy Budget Recipes
This Pizza Grilled Cheese is a super easy recipe that the kids can make themselves! This recipe serves six and costs $5.12 to make. That’s just 85¢ per serving!
chocolate chip cookies on a plate next to a glass of milk
Original NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Chocolate Chip Cookies
The chocolate chip cookie that started it all! NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® original chocolate chip cookies are a true classic and the go-to cookie for all occasions!
an orange jello cake with whipped cream on top and other desserts in the background
Jello Cake is a light and cool dessert that is has been around for generations. Vanilla cake drizzled with orange jello and topped with a creamy whipped topping gives this vintage recipe all the flavors of an orange creamsicle. PRINTABLE RECIPE at TidyMom.net
4h 40m
banana bread cookies stacked on top of each other
Banana Bread Cookies
Banana Bread Cookies are soft, chewy and moist, and full of banana flavor. They have a cake-like texture and are almost better than our famous banana bread! Add chocolate chips to make them even more irresistible!
a close up of some food on a plate with strawberries and other foods in the background
Cream Cheese Strawberry French Toast Muffins
These Cream Cheese Strawberry French Toast Muffins are stuffed with fresh strawberries and cream cheese. Fun to make and even more fun to eat at brunch! #strawberrymuffins #breakfastmuffins #muffinrecipe #brunch #frenchtoastmuffin #strawberrymuffinrecipe #breakfastrecipe via @https://www.pinterest.com/omgchocodessets/
a casserole dish is sitting on a red and white checkered tablecloth
French Toast Casserole with Cream Cheese
This Overnight French Toast Casserole with cream cheese is a perfect make-ahead dish for breakfast!
1h 0m
a stack of pancakes sitting on top of a white plate
Best Ever Homemade Pancakes
The BEST pancake recipe- I've tried a lot of recipes, and this is by far the best. Perfect pancakes every time
four pieces of food on a white plate
Homemade Banana Teething Biscuits
Homemade Banana Teething Biscuits