Cleoniki Dimitriadou

Cleoniki Dimitriadou

Cleoniki Dimitriadou
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Heavy duty trellis for watermelon and squashes. Grow lettuce underneath in the shade.

trellis laid on an angle for climbing plants; good solution for heavier climbers (quash, watermelon) b/c of thickness & strength of wood panel. Once the vines start climbing the trellis, they provide shade for lettuces underneath.

Gardens in the Sun

Mosaic Stone Medallion Design for your Garden Path. Great ideas for a mini Fairy Garden / Faerie Garden Carlingford- Templetown- The Breakers Greek Garden-

garden path

Step into the unknown. Its what makes it beautiful…exactly what I want in part of my backyard…also with a hidden spot to read 🙂 Step into the unknown.