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a man sitting on the ground in front of a chipotle store with his mouth open
1.5M views · 129K reactions | EVERY Chipotle Hack to MAXIMIZE Your Order 🌯🤤 Don’t tag Chipotle in the comments. This is our little secret 🤐 #chipotle #foodhacks #fastfood | Anderson Nguyen | andersonnguyen1 · Original audio
a man in a hoodie holding a cell phone
335K views · 42K reactions | I Tested SECRET Chick-fil-A Hacks from an ACTUAL Chick-fil-A Employee 🐔🤫 Thank you to the Chick-fil-A Employee who sent me all the hacks! Your account doesn’t let me tag you so please comment so I can give you proper credit! You too are a Professional Food Hacker 😁 @chickfila you have amazing employees ❤️ #chickfila #foodhacks #fastfood #chickfilasauce | Anderson Nguyen | andersonnguyen1 · Original audio
an open box of fried chicken sitting on top of a table next to a bag
288K views · 23K reactions | If you want FREE FOOD, follow me @aminshaykho! FREE Popeyes fried chicken 🍗 #fastfood #popeyes #shopping | Amin Shaykho • أمين | aminshaykho · Original audio
a taco bell store front with the words $ 1 taco bell carving box
51K views · 4K reactions | This is how to get the Taco Bell Craving Box for $1 🌮 #tacobell #shopping #fastfood | Amin Shaykho • أمين | aminshaykho · Original audio
a person holding up a bag that says run to olive garden
497K views · 41K reactions | Follow me @aminshaykho for more deals! A full meal at Olive Garden for only $6. Fettuccini and spaghetti with bread sticks and a drink 🍝 #fastfood #olivegarden #shopping | Amin Shaykho • أمين | aminshaykho · Original audio
three small dishes are cooking on an outdoor grill
463K views · 4.4K reactions | Easy breakfast McDonalds doesn't want you to know! | Easy breakfast McDonalds doesn't want you to know! How to make the perfect breakfast sammie with this quick n' easy recipe using only a few simple... | By Randy | So we're going to start off with a couple of these mason jar lids. These make really good molds for your flat top and just give them a quick shot of pan. Into your molds, we're just going to add some of our pancake batter and you don't want to overfill these molds This pancake's going to want to kind of bubble up a bit. And that's just some of this this is the oat pancake mix I like this quite a bit nice protein style and maples nice not bad and to that we're just going to add a little bit of log cabin oh Just give it a little drizzle. Nice. And then while those are going we're just going to fill our third mold. Little bit of scrambled egg. That's just one egg in there. And we'll check on our bacon over here. This is just kind of finishing up. That's looking nice. Make breakfast in a flat top people. It's not just for meat and hamburgers. Mmm. Yeah. Pancakes, I mean. Pancakes. Perfect for pancakes. Yeah. We'll give this guy a quick flip. Perfect. So these go quick eh? They don't take long. I should just release nicely like that. It doesn't come off nice. It's probably not enough pan. Bishop could come fairly clean like this. Look at that. Otherwise, you just don't have enough lubrication. Oh yeah. Another second on these. There we go. We'll trim off some of this extra right here. Just to jazz em up a bit. Mm hmm. Presentation is key. Yeah, presentation. There we go. How adorable those guys are. Yeah, look at that. Perfect. Let's check on our egg here. I already go. Little spillage there. That won't be a big deal. No bigs. Look at that. Perfect. You're not as clutchy as me. You can probably get it for a scope. We'll clean her up a little bit. Looking good. It's just like an egg McMuffin. Yup. That's almost ready. Looks like our egg's all finished up here. We'll go ahead and add that on our pancake bottom. Nice. Then, let's get a little cheese on here. So, we're just going to take our little mold and make a nice, little perfect circle because why not? Look at that and on she goes. Look how cute that is. That is adorable. Oh my gosh. And next, a little bit of bacon because you can't have a breakfast sandwich without some bacon. Oh no. Actually, let's let's really get it on there because I like a lot of bacon on mine. Gorgeous and our lid goes on. And last but not least, Little powder sugar. And there you have it. A five-minute egg sandwich. Jackson, knock it off. Okay, let's take a look at what we got going on here. Oh, look at that. That is. Hey, tactics, powdered sugar, bacon, pancake, maple syrup, tremendous. Mm hmm. Let's give it a shot. Yum. Damn good. Yeah. You're going to want to make these.
a man in a hoodie is making a face at the camera with a mcdonald's sign behind him
512K views · 56K reactions | BEST McDonald’s Meal Under $12 🍔🤤 @mcdonalds pls sponsor me #mcdonalds #foodhacks #fastfood | Anderson Nguyen | andersonnguyen1 · Original audio