The Penumbra Extinction

Just a plain ol' mood board for my game set in The Strange. I'm also recording TPE, and will soon be published as a podcast.
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Episode 5 - Parthenon at Midnight

The Parthenon, which sits atop the Acropolis in Greece, was commissioned by the famous politician Pericles in 447 B. It took thousands of artisans and craftsmen over nine years to transform tons of white marble into the temple we can still see today.

Episode 6 - Piraeus, Greece

Piraeus Port Marks European Maritime Day with Conference, Events and Shows

Episode 8 & 9 - Syrian Conflict Map

TIL: There's a live battlefield map of wars all over the world, unclassified but extremely detailed

Episode 2 - Union Station, Washington DC

Union Station in Washington, D., another one of America's grand railroad stations from a time when rail travel was much more glamorous.

Episode 9 - Damascus

Damascus, Syria - Destruction in the Yarmuk Palestinian refugee camp. About people have been evacuated from the camp after Islamic State seized large parts of it, Palestinian officials said.

Episode 8 - Darayya

Darrya one of the conflict's area, and it's located in the west of Damascus. Syria - Damascus - Daryya Date: 14 \ 3 \ 2013

Episode 6 & 7 - Piraeus Refugee Camp

Senior UN figure says deporting people without considering their asylum applications would break international law

Episode 4 - Baltimore Tenement Block

Project home baltimore maryland

Episode 3 - Baltimore

The Baltimore skyline in (Lloyd Fox / The Baltimore Sun)