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When galaxies collide.  Because it would be boring as hell in real-time.

10 'Cosmos' Facts That Are Out of This World

When a star meets a black hole…

Funny pictures about When a star meets a black hole. Oh, and cool pics about When a star meets a black hole. Also, When a star meets a black hole.

AHAHA>> not a spoiler but I prefer you get to this part on your own because it's great

Hogwarts / Harry Potter / McGonagall / Snape Sorry about the swears

Don't ruin it. Repin if you know what it is << I'm going to pin this to a non related board and see if anyone gets it ;)

The song of my people. (Doctor Who theme song)

Annabeth Weasley | Your Hogwarts Life (Long results) - Quiz

Your Hogwarts Life (Long results)


Pass it on. Michigan>>Virgina>>NC>> Massachusetts>>>>South Carolina>>> Virginia(again)>>>Iowa>>>Kentucky>>>Florida>>>Texas>>>Ontario>>>minnesota>>>>>Missouri>>>>>>Tennessee >>>>>>California>>>>>>BACK 2 MISSOURI>>>>>>Arkansas

I will always pin this gif. Always.

I will always pin this gif.<<< I understood that reference! <<< And I understood that one. :) Also why didn't they use the gif of Rose on the TV screen in the Midnight Episode?

Because a Doctor Who board is not complete without this gif.

you just gotta have the gif on the doctor who board, i mean really

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Peter Quill AKA "Star-Lord" from Guardians of the Galaxy


The jerk who hurt Thor's feelings