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a painting of a woman in the woods with her head down and hands on her hips
Paintings — KVNKLE
an image of two faces with different shapes and sizes in the middle one has eyes closed
a person standing in front of a staircase with their head turned to the side and light shining on them
3d, Inspiration, Photomontage, Dark Art Illustrations, Cool Art, Art Direction
illustrator inspiration part 40
Animation, Character Design, Vintage, Pre Raphaelite Art
two women with their faces in the shape of a sun and moon, against a black background
a drawing of a skeleton surrounded by roses
an image of a man fighting with two snakes
Hercules and the Hydra
an image of a painting with people around it
a painting of a woman sitting at a piano in front of a stained glass window
a stained glass window with an image of jesus and mary
Exhibition: 'Daughters Of The Sun: Christian Waller & Klytie Pate' at Bendigo Art Gallery, Australia
a painting with a snake wrapped around it's body in front of a round object
Trishula Body
Erik Jacobsen
an angel is holding a bucket with gold coins in it and flying away from the camera
a silver cup sitting on top of a table next to a lit candle in the dark
a green poster with an image of a demon holding a sculler over his head
The Green Knight fan art — Studio Inner Sanctum
an illustration of a wizard sitting in a field with a lamp on it's head
a drawing of a woman with butterflies around her neck and back, in black and white
virgil finlay
a book cover with an image of a woman's legs in a spiral object
Poesie naturali
an abstract drawing with black and white lines
James Lee Chiahan on X
an open book with two drawings on the pages and one drawing of a woman's face