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a woman laying on top of a rock next to trees and text that reads, this is the greatest amazon review i have ever seen
That’s some hulk pants quality
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@REALBURTIIS ICE count your fucking days petsmart Dropped off a $2000 dog picked up a crack feen - iFunny
a tweet with the caption that reads, every foundation that matches my natural skin color is called something like porcelin
the tweet is being posted to someone about their job and it looks like they are
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the man is trying to figure out the plot of a musical from just its sound track
a tweet with the caption that reads,'are we sure the wise men who brought frankness and myrrh weren just trying to sign mary up for their essentials
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an image of a twitter post with the caption'i love all the winter olympic events, sliding downhill on a piece of wood, sliding down hill on 2 pieces of wood,
a tweet with an image of jamie woddham on the front and back
15 Snow-White Gems From White People Twitter
a tweet that reads, my tonic trial is rewarding my self for being financially responsible by being financially irrespenable
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