Constantine Manos.-

Constantine Manos possibly my favorite people photographers. His book The Greek Portfolio which captures Greece in the early sixties is outstanding. Two women laughing in a village the the Peloponessus.

Constantine Manos

Constantine "Costa" Manos (born 1934 in South Carolina): Crete. Going home from the fields. "A Greek Portfolio".

Constantine Manos. Greece. Thrace. 1964. Men in a barbershop. "A Greek Portfolio" p.58. © Costa Manos/Magnum Photos

Men in a barbershop. "A Greek Portfolio" © Costa Manos/Magnum Photos

Constantine "Costa" Manos (1934 South Carolina): GREECE. Crete. 1964. Shepherds with goat. "A Greek Portfolio".  © Costa Manos/Magnum Photos

Shepherds with goat, Crete, Greece, 1964 - Greek America FoundaPhotograph by Constantine Manos, Magnum Photographertion;

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