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Poster 360 pour WC permettant de créer une déco originale et d'agrandir l'espace

The Rotterdam Watershed pavilion designed by DoepelStrijkers for the World Cities Pop-Up Expo shows how Rotterdam is adapting to climate… .

Synth I go commando in my studio.

Julie Watai continues to express her unique view of the world as a photographer, musician and if the occasion demands, an idol. What otaku culture is this gifted creator focused on right now…Read on!

#TheHowTo tools of the trade

Heres a special dedication to the lovers and collectors of electronic musical gadgets, gizmos, pedals, beat machines, and dusty analog cassettes and records. Tools of the Trade art print by Mike Davis.


Album cover from Funky Porcini – Fast Asleep. What we’d give to be surrounded by this much analogue gear! We can only assume she’s asleep after spending 48 hours straight messing with Moog patch bays!

5.jpg 1,600×1,067 pixels

5.jpg 1,600×1,067 pixels