Coca Cola Pop Art...I LOVE THIS!  I collect Coke and this would be such an awesome project to do with kids!

Coca Cola Pop Art - cool idea for grade. Print off the actual object and paint/draw around each one! Make background, draw on foam and print on top.

Burton Morris pop art project. Cut paper layered with black paper instead of outlines

Pop art with Burton Morris: Cut paper layered with black paper instead of outlines. Supply soda bottles, soda cans, and pop art objects

Pop Art Worksheet with multiple tasks

Pop Art Worksheet with multiple tasks Linked to bullying and acceptance. Walk a mile in someone elses shoes take a step in my shoes

Νηπιαγωγός για πάντα....: Η Γωνιά της Σκέψης και της Συμφιλίωσης

Νηπιαγωγός για πάντα....: Η Γωνιά της Σκέψης και της Συμφιλίωσης


For HOOT project PLATEAU ART STUDIO- Night owl . Perfect project for my little ones. Chalk pastel, trace and sponge paint moon, paint tree limbs and branch, then paint the owl.

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Amazingly fun-looking fifth grade fireworks project. From Kajakas on Flicker. Could teaching line and value?

Dergi sayfalarından hayvan motifli tablo yapmak için paylaştığım bu güzel kendin yap çalışmasını evde kolayca yapabilirsiniz. Bu tür…

Go bears DIY: Pick a silhouette, cut magazine strips, & use Mod Podge as the glue & sealer. could do this with any silhouette!

Keyhole Paintings

Keyhole Paintings - Did with grade, turned out AMAZING. Draw then paint. Used oil pastels to create door and wood grain. Cut out key shape from template and wrote a sentence explaining their keyhole and attached to the bottom of the picture.

Think Create Art: Op Art-6th Grade

grade color wheels Think Create Art: Op Grade-Instructions I have some old examples of this would be good for both grades. High School did and op art hand in the beginning of the year but this would be great and a lesson on color schemes too.

1 photocopie d'une photo de profil + 1 carton rigide ou un contreplaqué + de la peinture noire : une silhouette by victoria

Fun and Easy Silhouette DIY Wall Art. I would do it on a solid color though instead of wood grain being in the silhouette.