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φόρμες για κοπή αυγών σε τετράγωνο σχήμα

Kitchen gadgetry is an ever-expanding area of innovation. But are the millions of crazy gadgets available to us really necessary? Popular brands can ensure high quality products, like Morphy Richards.

Gadget για να τραβάτε τη σχάρα του φούρνου

Rather than risking serious burns trying to slide out a hot rack or bakeware from the oven, just reach this handy, heat-resistant silicone hook appropriately shaped like the Devil.

ηλεκτρικός καθαριστής κουζίνας

Can I have one that doesn't require me holding it, or even being in the same room?

Στήριγμα για μεγάλα μπουκάλια

"Roll n’ Pour is a Rocking Chair for gallon beverages Good for handicap or elder use". or just me who has problems pouring these things.

Προσωπική ψηστιέρα μπιφτεκιών burger

Προσωπική ψηστιέρα μπιφτεκιών burger