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a white butterfly sitting on top of purple lilacs in front of a wire fence
Πασχαλιά 💜
a cat sitting in front of some pink flowers
three purple flowers in a red pot on the side of a wall next to some plants
Pink spring 🌷
two red and yellow tulips in front of some flowers
Spring mood on
red and purple flowers are in a pot
four potted plants with pink and red flowers in them on the ground next to a wall
Welcome spring 🌷
a pink flower is in a white pot
some white flowers are growing in the grass
some white and yellow flowers are in the grass
three different colored flowers in the dirt
several pumpkins and gourds are sitting on the floor next to a door
Fall time 🧡🍂
orange and pink flowers in front of a house
Orange Gladiolus
a yellow flower is in the foreground with other flowers behind it and a house in the background
Yellow Gladiolus
purple and white flowers in front of a house with red roof tiles on the side
Purple Gladiolus
pink and white flowers in front of a house
Pink Gladiolus