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Αμμωνιο, οαση Σιβα.

Αμμωνιο, οαση Σιβα.

Κοτοπουλο με σκορδο,φρεσκα μανιταρια και τυρι φετα!

Κοτοπουλο με σκορδο,φρεσκα μανιταρια και τυρι φετα!

ancient reptilian artifact.

We have come across the Nagas or the serpent gods across different cultures. Mainstream science hasn't explored it. However, one question remains. Who were these serpent gods?

anything familiar...?Puma Punku-Peru.

Tonight Ancient Aliens focused on a single site, Puma Punku in Bolivia, rehashing the exact same material first presented in the 2009 pilot (Puma Punku discussion starts at.

Cross carved in granite with perfect angles,Puma Punku-Peru.

Puma Punku is beyond amazing and magical! Human history is truly beyond what we think we know…

Giza's pyramids alligned with the Orion's belt stars  (Orion constelletion).

pan-afrikan-education: Topographical view: Orions belt aligned with the Giza pyramids of KMT/Egypt. This alignment wasn’t by accident. Our Ancestors had precise knowledge of astronomy and the star systems.

Pyrammid on Taygetos moyntain,in Messinia Greece.

Greece has a lot of stories and uncanny phenomena that have not been scientifically explained yet.