landscapes of texture: look closely and you'll see the textures are simply different designs by marker.

Geography through art! line, texture, pattern, color An advanced final project for Drawing, weeks

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Art Projects for Kids: Layered Winter Landscape.

Draw a Layered Landscape

integrate ideas into winter landscapes grade Art Projects for Kids: Layered Winter Landscape week 15 art project

by patrica

1 point perspective art lesson - by deep space sparkle. Would love to do 2 point perspective lesson as well!

Draw a Clown. Updated with a free PDF tutorial. #clown #howtodraw #directdraw

Draw a Clown

Try this "How to Draw a Clown" tutorial on black paper so you can start with the all-important white face.

Fru Billedkunst - NY ADRESSE - Op art

Optical Illusion Art Idea I want to try this! I'll put the link to the instructions to this activity, & more op art ideas, in the comments below.