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Doilies are so beautiful, so unique and nearly nonexistent these days. That is why it's so wonderful to find them at antique shops, especially when there are so many gorgeous crafts you can make with them.

DIY Crochet Doily or Lace Table Runner- use this idea to lengthen or add lace to anything! Tank Top Side Panels (leave out the floppy 'pauldrons'.

Beautiful Puff Stitch Hat

The Puff Stitch is family of the Bobble Stitch and the popcorn Stitch. Here are some beautiful Puff Stitch Patterns you can use to create awesome items.

Crochet Flower Puff Stitch Free Pattern

Crochet Flower Puff Stitch Free Pattern [ "Crochet Flower Puff Stitch Free Pattern - would be cute for a baby girl blanket.", "You will love to make this Crochet Puff Flower Blanket and it

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“Sculpting with Paint” - Artist: Justin Gaffrey, who work exclusively with pure acrylic paints and using mostly the palette knife and his works utilize colors that are extraordinarily vibrant.