Chris Diamantakos

Chris Diamantakos
ATHENS ,GREECE / A Greek who loves food and the places of his country,,,After all, IT'S ALL GREEK TO ME!
Chris Diamantakos
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Photography for the new Lonely Planet book Beautiful World Rufous hummingbirds, seen here feeding on nectar at Huntington Beach, California, are just long, but the hyperactive birds migrate across North America.


The sardine run Eastern Cape, South Africa During the annual migration of sardines, millions of the fish head north along the coast of South Africa, creating a feeding frenzy along the way. The migration occurs from May to July.


Photography for the new Lonely Planet book Beautiful World The Dolomites South Tyrol, Italy Millions of years ago the pale peaks and pinnacles of the Dolomites lay on the seabed; now they are among the world's most distinctive mountainscapes.

red rock

Monument Valley Tribal Park – Arizona, Utah, US. The sandstone spires of Monument Valley, part of the Colorado Plateau, are the result of millions of years of erosion. Iron oxide gives the rock its reddish tone


Lantern festival – Chiang Mai, Thailand Yi Peng, Chiang Mai’s version of the Thai festival Loi Krathong, takes place during a full moon in November and sees many hundreds of lanterns launched into the night sky Credit: Athit Perawongmetha/Getty Images


See 18456 photos and 1078 tips from 123692 visitors to Empire State Building. "The Empire State Building is an iconic staple of New York City history.


Credit: Antony Spencer/Getty Images The aurora borealis – Kiruna, Sweden When charged particles, which flow from the sun at kph, hit the Earth’s magnetic field at the planet’s poles, they create curtains of light. Solar storms heighten the effect


Tolkien lived here. Credit: Images Lyth Valley in the Lake District – Cumbria, England The unspoilt Lyth Valley is tucked in a hidden corner of Cumbria, where trees are laden with fruit and rolling hills are the most magnificent green


Credit: Sarun Laowong/Getty Images Bryce Canyon national park – Utah, US The Wall Street Trail of Bryce Canyon has its own skyscrapers: ponderosa pines. Chasms in the rock are formed when water freezes and expands, creating alleys up to 60 metres deep