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Buddha found in Oseberg Vikingship Grave, Norway. Dated to 834 CE. This Buddha figure is not believed to be imported, but to be a product of the Iron Age culture in Norway. Swastika symbols (of ancient meaning) found on seals in Indus Valley from Ravi River Phase (3500-3300 BC).

Oseberg Ship - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The so-called "Buddha bucket" (Buddha-bøtte), a brass and cloisonné enamel ornament of a bucket (pail) handle in the shape of a figure sitting with crossed legs.

Genealogical Gems is the genealogical findings of Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman, locator of ancestors - both mine & yours!

Photo Art by Kindra Nikole Kindra Nikole is a Seattle-based mixed-media artist whose work draws on natural settings to create surreal, otherworldly images. Kindra manifests fantastical realities in.

Tin Tức, Việt Nam

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