CST - Formative Task

This board is my page for my CST formative task for the project, Images of Jesus. The collection of images are all representations of Jesus in the Byzantine era.
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Icon with the Crucifixion

Plaque with the Crucifixion and the Defeat of Hades, century, Byzantine; Probably made in Constantinople, Ivory

Icon with Christ Pantokrator

Icon with Christ Pantokrator. The icon carries a Greek inscription identifying Christ as Antiphonetes, "the guarantor." A famous icon of Christ was so named because, according to a miracle story, it had been held as loan collateral by a creditor.

Medallion with Christ from an Icon Frame

Medallion with Christ from an Icon Frame - Byzantine, Constantinople - From the Djumati Monastery, Republic of Georgia - Cloisonné enamel & gold - c.

Christ The Pantocrator Icon n Christian iconography, Christ Pantocrator refers to a specific depiction of Christ. Pantocrator or Pantokrator is, used in this context, a translation of one of many Names of God in Judaism.

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The Presentation in the Temple

Artist: Byzantine Painter century) Medium: Tempera on wood, gold ground Dimensions: 17 x 16 in.


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