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Chris Ropokis

Chris Ropokis
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Phil Anselmo - oh sweet... Goo. halalalalala.

Has worked with fellow Orleanian, Jarboe (Swans). Anselmo's father, Phil, owned and operated a restaurant in Metairie called Anselmo's, which closed after Hurricane Katrina due to financial troubles.

(Play him) I was normal. 15, very smart, normal right? Wrong. I was on my way home, when this sexy bad boy guy, comes out from an alleyway, clearly cutting me off. One eye is a more teal color than the other, with the amber-y patch in it. But he was hot! Tubes, snakebites.  He stares at me and walks over. He like sniffs me which is kinda freaky. Then he grabs my wrist and I yelp. A mark forms where he touched, a paw print and I go wide eyed. "Mine." He growls and I gaped.

Snake Bite piercings are a set of two lip piercings with one placed on either side of the lower lip. These piercings can be done at the same time or separately. totally getting snake bites before my vacation

Uuugh look at his eyes!! The infamous I Am A Monster tshirt.

He's so gorgeous like his eyes match his shirt! and the lip ring! He's just so pretty and wonderful and I love just the entirety of him!