Your dreams give you practical lessons about what is happening in your daily life. The information you have in your dreams helps you become more intelligent and sensitive. It also helps you understand how the world works, and what determines the future development of your reality. You understand the various reasons existent behind every main reason for the formation of a certain problem.

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Suffering characterizes the human life on earth because we are violent. Our wars and crimes prove this truth more than anything else, but we can find many other examples that reflect our aggression if we will analyze the human behavior in various situations. Our suffering is a consequence of our mistakes. This means that you cannot avoid suffering on earth. You can only avoid suffering in a tragic way, and suffer in a constructive way, like a hero.

Transforming The Obsession With Happiness Into A Serious Research @ Scientific Dream Interpretation

You can find happiness in certain areas depending on a series of factors, if you will stop making mistakes and you will be serious and careful. Your happiness will have meaning if you will be happy for being a better person. The selfish image of happiness imposed by the hypocritical world is false.

A Very Convincing Reason To Obey God’s Guidance In Dreams @ Scientific Dream Interpretation

You are able to understand what is essential and how to always act with wisdom. You have informative dreams that show you the psychological condition of those who are around you, especially if they are mentally ill. The unconscious mind gives you clear information about other people, the same way you have information about your own psychological problems and about the person you love in your dreams.

A Realistic Happiness Without Illusions @ Scientific Dream Interpretation

I’m sure you want to be happy. However, in order to accomplish this goal, you have a lot to learn. You also have to transform your personality. If you make numerous mistakes, there is no way you may live happily. You’ll face the consequences of your mistakes.       Perhaps you are immersed in your routine and you can only think about your daily problems. Perhaps you keep living your life without having a specific purpose.

According to the Biblical mythology a rainbow is a sign of the Covenant (promise) made by God to Noah after the massive deluge that had destroyed every living thing on earth, that there would be no such deluge again.

Your personality is the most important tool you have at your disposal in order to achieve your goals. You'll have positive results in all fields...

Your personality is the most important tool you have at your disposal in order to achieve your goals. You'll have positive results in all fields of your life depending on how powerful your personality is. An intelligent and charming personality.