Do You Help Others When You Are Suffering?

Raphael, Christ's Charge to Peter, Bodycolour on paper mounted onto canvas (tapestry cartoon), 340 x 530 cm Lent by H. The Queen

We will stop making tragic mistakes. We will do everything the right way and attain a higher level of consciousness. However, this transformation is not an imposition. We have to agree with God’s plan for the elimination of terror because we understand that He is right. God is not a dictator like us. We are violent and we want to impose our desires, but God is patient and wise.

God’s Plan For Humanity Revealed In Dreams @ Scientific Dream Interpretation

by Jody Smith Poor dental health may not be at the top of the list when you think of ME/CFS problems.

Many people have similar dreams, especially if they have serious mental health problems, because they don't want to make any effort to control their behavior. They prefer to believe in the lies of the hypocritical world and simply take pills that will supposedly help them deal with their mental health problems, without doing anything to transform their personality. They don't want to understand that this way they will become forever dependent on drugs that cannot help them in any way.

Grandfather Was King David: "She/he" and "They/we" and "I/you"

This dreamer was upset with the meaning of this dream, especially because she is a mature woman. She is a professional who works in a field that demands self-control. So, she was not supposed to have emotional problems or to be so disorganized. I cannot tell you various details about her life biography, but I can tell you that this dream opened her eyes. Many people don't understand their absurdity and their mistakes, and this is why they need God’s warnings in their dreams.

Why You Deserve To Be Punished By God @ Scientific Dream Interpretation

The dream logic is based on God’s concepts and not on the concepts of our ignorant and idiotic conscience. Xavier’s codes helped me understand that the dream language could be found everywhere, exactly like a quantum particle. I later discovered that we can translate the meaning of whatever happens to us in our daily reality the same way we translate the meaning of dreams, and have trustful information about our reality and the future this way.

A large gray shark swimming over sand and scattered rocks, being shadowed by a smaller fish with a horizontal stripe and a forked tail

The world likes to see the population suffering because it has the chance to sell us its products, which promise to give us solutions, while they generate more problems. So, we keep looking for solutions, and paying for services or products. If we were not so insensitive and so selfish, the world wouldn’t manage to mislead us so much. However, this is not the case. We like craziness.

The Real Reason Why You Are Alive @ Scientific Dream Interpretation

Even though the truth about the human nature is very sad, the fact that God exists and speaks in dreams is a big relief. Many people are finding support thanks to this alternative. God can correct our mistakes and help us transform the world into a place where everyone will have a decent life and the chance to evolve without limits.

Realizing That God Is The Dream Producer @ Scientific Dream Interpretation

When your anti-conscience becomes more human through consciousness it becomes weaker, and your human conscience becomes stronger. This means that when you eliminate your anti-conscience you don't kill it; you gradually transform it into human conscience. Your anti-conscience gradually becomes a positive part of your conscience and has the behavior of a human being.

A painting of Jesus' final entry into Jerusalem, by Jean-Léon Gérôme, 1897

The mentally ill must fight absurdity by offering resistance to the absurdity of their anti-conscience. You can find sound mental health and become a psychotherapist like me by following the divine guidance in your dreams, and help other people do the same after translating their dreams for them. The doctor is God, and not the dream translator.

In Harrowing of Hades, fresco in the parecclesion of the Chora Church, Istanbul, raising Adam and Eve is depicted as part of the Resurrection icon, as it always is in the East.