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Tsuji-Yoshiko tumbler

Tsuji Yoshiko creates vessels through a glaze technique where the ash from a local wood with which the kiln is fired melts onto the piece itself. Each vessel is wheel thrown gracefully thin, and finished with a turquoise brilliance.

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Introducing Pottery: The Complete Guide

This guide covers throwing and handbuilding methods, and even shows how to set up a clay studio. Introducing Pottery includes an in-depth look at glaze making, formulation, and application that goes beyond mainstream glazes.

Photo: Bjarni Sigurdsson Crafts Fair, Frue Plads, Copenhagen 11-12-13 August…

Ash Cloud Vases Exclusively at ABC, these hand-formed ceramics by Icelandic artist Bjarni Sigurdsson are finished in a natural glaze made from the volcanic ashes of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption.