Eνα συγκινητικό ταξίδι στις Σπέτσες

Eνα συγκινητικό ταξίδι στις Σπέτσες

Festive woman's dress. From Spetsai (Aegean Islands). Clothing style: urban, early 20th century.

NICOLAS SPERLING Woman's Town Costume (Aegean Islands, Spetsai) 1930 lithograph on paper after original watercolour

Αστική φοερεσιά από τις Σπέτσες, Νησιά Αργοσαρωνικού - Town costume from Spetses, Argosaronic Golf Islands. Chatzimichali Angeliki, Ελληνικαί Εθνικαί Ενδυμασίαι (Greek National Costumes). Athens: Benaki Museum, 1948

Vraka Aegean Islands Greek Costume - Greek dress - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Traditional houses in Spetses

Traditional houses in Spetses Batente- I think this is the one I took a picture of!

Spetses Mermaid

Spetses is a lively island near Attica, ideal for short and long holidays. Find out everything about entertainment & accommodation in Spetses, in Greece.