I've always wanted to go to Greece.  Never even managed to get there when we were stationed in Europe.  Guess that's just one more thing I still have to dream about.  :-)

The ocean, white washed houses and a pretty landscape. Where else, but in Greece? This particular town is called Folegandros.

Hilltop church of Panagia in Folegandros

Panagia Kimissis Monastery, Kastro, the Chora Village, Folegandros, Cyclades Islands, Greek Islands

Chora sunset - mystic Folegandros Island

-folegandros- Snapshots of the tranquil pool of Anemi Hotel and the harsh cliffs to the sea dressed in a golden sunsetting light, both in Folegandros island in souther Aegean.

Folegandros, Greece.

indypendentnature: Lying along a rocky ridge with a breathtaking sea view, the Anemomilos Apartments are perfectly integrated into this little-known paradise in the middle of the Aegean Sea. (via Anemomilos, apartments in Folegandros)