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Christine Ozera
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Neither has our son, Mandi, C. He either stays quiet until he's with us, or tells you what you want to hear. I'm sure you believe you have any small reason to be proud, but you're lying to yourself.

Hell yea

So true tho

Fries before guys?? Bruh, I be like, all foods before dudes.

My new life motto


New week / monday

I drink champagne now.

I gained expensive taste


Stay classy, sassy, and a bit bad assy!

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the sass is unreal

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I got 99 problems and you are all of them.

Circle Call -  Pagan Wiccan Print - Brigid Ashwood. $15.00, via Etsy.

I am not wiccan, but I am a witch. Witchcraft is a way of life unlike wicca which is a religion.

Pagan Spells | To Erase Painful Memories | Wiccan Spells

Spell # Book of Shadows: "To Erase Painful Memories," by Charmed-BOS, at deviantART.