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dafni christoforatoy
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Hahaha! I didn't really think about it until...I don't know... Right after he said it. Jk I just noticed this and what a surprise it was :)

They should have used colored contacts! I mean for seven years he was told he had his mothers eyes but when we see Lily in the final book they're different.And his eyes are supposed to be green,they never said he had his mother's GREEN eyes in the movie.

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love the movie Coraline. Here we have the (somewhat creepy) song sung by the Other Father in Tim Burton's film based on Neil Gaiman's middle-grade novel (using a Coraline-inspired font)

Most people think this is just a silly song the other father sang. But if you listen to the lyrics carefully, you will notice it's actually a warning for Coraline, about the Other Mother and what her true intensions are.