Dracula Infographic: From Gothic Horror To Tragic Hero

Dracula Infographic: From Gothic Horror To Tragic Hero

I think the majoprity of us have been touched by the fangs of Dracula! Dracula Retold: From Gothic Horror to Tragic Hero

What Rubbish. How did Interview with the Vampire and Queen of the damned end up on different bloodlines... honestly... It's like nobody knows their vampires anymore.

Handy vampire bloodline tracks all your favorite bloodsuckers

Dracula's Bloodline by Matthew Griffin. In 2013 I was commissioned by In The Company of Huskies to create a family tree graphic of some of popular culture's most famous vampires, in celebration of the Bram Stoker festival.

I've partnered with guys from Rock Paper Books to create some cool new covers for some very classic novels. The books will be available through their Kickstarter campaign which begins April 4, 2014...

Dracula by Mike Mahle From the Rock Paper Books cover series - Kickstarter here