Modern LED Desk Lamp...Powered by 5V USB

Modern LED Desk Lamp...Powered by 5V USB

Amazing Shed Plans Modern LED Desk Lamp. Powered by USB. Now You Can Build ANY Shed In A Weekend Even If You've Zero Woodworking Experience! Start building amazing sheds the easier way with a collection of shed plans!

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The Trio LT : a product that combines a high quality LED to a unique lighting design もっと見る

Modern Decorative Table Light

Modern Decorative Table Light

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11 Must-Pin Infographics for a Beautiful Home

Lighting Size & Placement Guide: How to hang lighting, a practical guide to measurements. Very good to know for hanging light fixtures.

Plan your lighting to make sure it helps show off your artwork.

How to Light Your Home [Infographic]


temperatura de color Arificial light sources, correlate Color Temperature (Kelvin) of - Simulated with Autodesk studio Max Design by Luca Rostellato simulation of

The Vintage LED full infographic. Everything you need to know about our range, as well as the ins and outs of LED lighting, and how it compares to the alternatives of CFL, incandescent, or hallogen bulbs.

Inforgraphic: Lighting Comparison of Vintage LED, LED, CFL, incandescent, and hallogen bulbs.