Animal Logos Vol 1

Animal logo designs from British designer, Tom Anders Watkins. Wonderful use of circles to outline and colorize these creatures! - Great reference for Logo design!

cat 30 Clever Examples of Negative Space Logos

30 Clever Examples of Negative Space Logos

Dribbble - Black Cat Lounge by Jacob Weaver Clever Examples of Negative Space Logos)

Juice Bar

Love how playful & fun this is and love seeing the process! “TO BAZAKI” Juice Bar – Design Identity. Designed by George Probonas.

Breaze Cars - Brand Identity

Love that this icon combines a letterforms and animal to create a unique symbol Breaze Cars - Brand Identity

Branding for DarenSCM... This is an example of branding, but the most important thing about this post is that shows you, how a logo should be make it.

Branding for DarenSCM

This shows the different steps in creating an effective logo. I like all of the shapes incorporated into this design. I think the blue is a nice color choice.

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