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Chris Tripsianes

Chris Tripsianes
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How To Practice Good Gain Staging in Logic Pro X

Gain Staging is fundamental to good recording and mixing practice. How to Gain Stage in Logic Pro X and give you and your plugins that much needed headroom.

10 Sequencing and Arranging Tips for Logic Pro X

10 Sequencing and Arranging Tips for Logic Pro X the composition of a musical piece, while strenuous is a exciting and fulfilling hobby and job of mine. I will usually sit down with no structured blueprint and create as i go, by feeling.

logic pro x shortcuts pdf

I wasn’t able to locate a decent Logic Pro X keyboard shortcuts cheat-sheet, so I made one: logic_pro_x_shortcuts

Cómo usar YouTube para promocionar tu música #infografia #infographic #marketing

Check out this article on internet marketing as it can unravel the mystery of what internet marketing is all about. In turn, we will help you to build your presence online and share with your some interesting internet marketing strategies.