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Video Series for Food Bloggers - Food Photography Tips: Natural and Artificial Lighting...hone your lighting skills to become the best food photographer you can be!

In the first picture you can see natural light (light from the sun, you don't need to do anything else to get the light) and on the second picture, you can see artificial light because it is not natural and they faked it and made it themselves

USS Hornet, deck full of B-25s, headed for "30 Seconds Over Tokyo".

Colonel Jimmy Doolittle’s April 1942 raid on Japan began with the loading of sixteen aboard a Navy aircraft carrier, the USS “Hornet,” for the first time. This painting depicts the ships of Task Force sailing from San Francisco.

PACIFIC WAR - EMERGENCY LANDING ON AIRCRAFT CARRIER...guy in white is the Hotsuitman....pulls pilot out, puts out fire, etc; I did that on my ship.

Pilot escapes his burning Grumman Hellcat after landing aboard the USS Lexington, 1945 ~ BFD

A Vought F4U-4 Corsair of Marine Attack Squadron VMA-322 going into the drink in 1949 after a fouled-up landing attempt on the U.S. escort carrier USS Sicily.

After a botched landing attempt on the USS Sicily this Corsair of Marine Attack Squadron goes over the flight deck and into the ocean. The two men running for safety on the.

USS Indianapolis - Survivors in shark infested waters.

USS Indianapolis - Survivors in shark infested waters. Only 321 survived of the approximately 900 men who went into water. Many died from shark attacks. My brother-in-law's grandfather was one of the survivors.