Cause you deserve it after all the big smiles on the faces and the happiness you caused him. After all the life of people you saved and they are now alive thanks to you! You deserve to be happy Justin!

OMG, bae is wearing an Indian's hat for my hometown the Cleveland Indians, thanks for showing luv bae 😚

im asking for a guitar, maybe for my birthday, i hope Justin might be able to sign it and teach me how to play it, because we are both left handed! might not happen though.

"Karla and I have always pushed boundaries togethe and this collaboration is a continuation of that." - Justin Bieber speaking of new xKarla line of shirts.

Justin Bieber Has Nighttime Fun at Sydney's Monster Skate Park!: Photo Justin Bieber rocks a helmet as goes skating with some friends while visiting Sydney's Monster Skate Park on Thursday evening (July in Sydney, Australia.

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