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Understanding Aneurysms --shared by BrittSE on Aug 02, 2014 i

Did you know that cerebral aneurysms strike approximately of the population? These types of aneurysms can cause severe headaches, vision loss, and neck pain. Learn more by checking out this infographic from an emergency room in Plantation.

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Transverse Mid Right  rpv: right portal vein  lpv: left portal vein

Transverse Mid Right rpv: right portal vein lpv: left portal vein

Lateral Lumbar Spine xray

Lateral Lumbar Spine xray

Here's a pic of how the nerves run through the shoulder down the arm. This is one of the situations that can cause pain further down the arm.

Overcoming Chronic Neck Pain: Postural Causes and A Unique Exercise Fix Eliminate risk of thoracic outlet syndrome