Yiannis Moralis

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Érotique (3) par Yiannis Moralis (1916-2009, Grèce)

'Erotic' from the "Eroticon" series by Greek artist Yiannis Moralis via WikiArt

Γ. Μόραλης - Εκεί μακριά, κοντά στη θάλασσα

Γ. Μόραλης - Εκεί μακριά, κοντά στη θάλασσα

"Nude" by Yiannis Moralis (1916-2009, Greece)

Yannis Moralis / Γιάννης Μόραλης is an outstanding figure in Modern Greek painting. He became a professor at the School of Fine Arts at a very early age and for years taught the younger generations of Greek painters.

Yiannis Moralis - Erotic

Yannis Moralis 1916 - 2009 GREEK FULL MOON L signed in Greek and dated 1977 lower right; signed, dated and inscribed Athènes-Grèce on the reverse acrylic on canvas 196 by by