the collage has pictures of women in different countries and their names on it, including one woman holding a sign that says zero
two men in blue and yellow outfits standing on stage with their hands up to the sky
two young men are jumping in the air on snow covered ground with their skateboards
two men walking down the street at sunset
Marcus and Martinus
two men sitting on the hood of their cars
Marcus and Martinus
#marcusgunnarsen #martinusgunnarsen #marcusandmartinus
two men standing next to each other near the ocean
Marcus and Martinus
#marcusgunnarsen #martinusgunnarsen #marcusandmartinus
a man with his hands in his pockets standing next to a metal pole and wearing black pants
three people posing for the camera in front of a red carpeted wall with an advertisement
two men are performing on stage with one holding a microphone and the other standing up
two men standing next to each other on stage
Marcus and Martinus
#marcusgunnarsen #martinusgunnarsen #marcusandmartinus
two young men standing in front of an array of numbers
two people hugging each other on stage
three people standing in front of a christmas tree
Marcus&Martinus and Emma
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of a fence at night
marcus gunnarsen og nora gartland