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PT,PTT,INR and coumadin, explain it all please?

I just need a BASIC explanation of the connection of PT,PTT,INR and coumadin. What elevated and low lab values mean, etc. For some reason this is one of those things that perplexes me.

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NCLEX Pharmacology Quick Tips Part II

Get all the quick facts you need to know before your pharmacology exam. Medication Classifications You’ll Need to Know Antacids - Reduce hydrochloric acid Statins Primvistatin Statins are not Stat Like Grapefruit is not stat! Cholesterol or lipid lowering medications LDL HDL tryglicerides Total Nursing KAMP Student Stuudy sheet AST ALT - It is used for hypertension but more common for patients with BPH problems. From My NCLEX 200 Book Nursing Study Sheets, Nursing KAMP Prazosin Doxasin Terazosin_1_A-Blockers_Cardiac MEDS_StickEnotes

Crestor (rosuvastatin) is and Pravachol (pravastatin) is not affected. Grapefruit juice is not a concern for patients taking either of these medications. Max recommended dose for Simvastatin is d/t several reports of Rhabdo occurring at

Droplet Precautions illness

Pass the NCLEX the first time with these top ten strategy tips. No one wants to fail the NCLEX and take it multiple times. Take these tips and apply them a

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