Summer 1970 ~ Audrey Hepburn during vacation in Hydra island

missingaudrey: “ Audrey Hepburn photographed during vacation to Hydra (Greece), on July 1970 ”

October 1963 ~ Jackie Kennedy visiting Delphi

October Jackie in Delphi, Greece, during Jackie's two-week recuperative vacation in Greece.

1970 - Audrey Hepburn visiting Hydra

Audrey Hepburn photographed with her husband Andrea Dotti and close friend Doris Brynner on vacation in Hydra, Greece, July

Candice Bergen rides a donkey through the streets of Galaxidi,Greece, during a break in filming 1966’s "The Day the Fish Came Out."

American actress Candice Bergen rides an ass called Anagnosti through the streets of Galaxidi, Greece during a break in filming The Day the Fish Came Out.

1960 ~ Hydra island (photo by Wolf Suschitzky)

Hydra In he visited Greece and captured scenes from social events, everyday life, rural habits and Greek traditions. The photographs were mostly taken on the island of Skiathos with a few from his subsequent visits to Hydra and Athens.

Isadora Duncan at the Acropolis, Athens, circa 1920.  To bring to life again the ancient ideal! I do not mean to say, copy it, imitate it; but to breathe its life, to recreate it in one’s self, with personal inspiration: to start from its beauty and then go toward the future. (Duncan, The Art of the Dance, 96.)

Edward Steichen - " Isadora Duncan at the Parthenon ", Athens 1920 - Gelatin silver print - x cm

GreeceDate taken:January 1948  Photographer:Dmitri Kessel

GreeceDate taken:January 1948 Photographer:Dmitri Kessel