“Incredible artwork by: @amyjaneelves! Follow her for more pictures of her art: @amyjaneelves @amyjaneelves! ✌️ #tattooinkspiration”

or print of Original ar t work called Time is Will be printed on Canvas Will be printed on photographic paper.This piece was made using graphite pencils and fine liner pens. Each print will be dated and hand signed by the artist.

Animal tattoo sleeve

Women Make a Beautiful Canvas (27 Photos)

Fairy tattoo..love it!  Minus the ripping the heart apart thing.  I love the way she's sitting and the shading.  Def possibility for my 30th bday ink.

Bring Your Imagination with Fairy Tattoo Designs: Fairy Wing Tattoo Designs For Girl ~ Tattoo Design Inspiration

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Large spartan warrior tattoo in style. Based on the movie Warrior tattoo rendered with full armor helmet and spear in hand ready to strike. The tat - Pictures Photos Pics Images