Claire Vasiloglou

Claire Vasiloglou

Claire Vasiloglou
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So this is why the Japanese said "We awoke the sleeping dragon" after we attacked them due to the bombing of pearl harbor. Huh I see now haha<<<< Or maybe because of what fucking happened afterwards

okay, these Mama Fury things half scare me, and half amuse me (Loki's duct taped to his bed though....)

This is how you wake up the Marvel Avengers - Ironman, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor, not loki and Captain America

darcy i wish she had been in the avengers movie... there was no reason i know... still would have been awesome

darcy i wish she had been in the avengers movie. there was no reason i know. still would have been awesome<<< but she could have tasered Loki or helped protect the New Yorkers with the power of the taser and pepper spray

Everything about this picture xD

Darcy and Jane (Thor Darcy has a Loki bear and a Captain America poster that says "American Booty"!it has a TARDIS POSTER!