Catacombs of St Dimitrios church, Thessaloniki - Greece

Catacombs under Saint Demetrios Church, the Patron Saint of Thessaloniki. Built in the century, the church is the largest basilica in Greece


Taste of Thessaloniki, Greece. On my bucket list in memory of my grandfather.

Thessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki - Macedonia Greece with the home of the Olympian Gods in the back ground.

Arch of Galerius, Thessaloniki, Greece

Arch of Galerius, Thessaloniki, Greece- beautiful place and there is a Starbucks right next to this arch also :D

Thessaloniki Greece

My mom's birthplace :)

Thessaloniki Science centre and Technology Museum

View of de Thessaloniki Science Center n Technology Museum in Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia_ Greece

la doze #thessaloniki drinking mojitos every TFSS

la doze drinking mojitos every TFSS