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a round mirror on a white background
STOCKHOLM Mirror, ash veneer - 31 1/2 " - IKEA
a small kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances
Update on the Element: Staying In New York's Green Hotel : TreeHugger
a white couch sitting next to a table with a lamp on it's side
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Non-woven metallic glitter wallpaper modern background wall wallpaper white and silver classic stripe wall papers home decor
a white purse sitting on the floor next to a wall
Darcy - Traditional - Wallpaper - by Graham & Brown | Houzz
subtle metallic wallpaper- master bedroom accent wall
a white and beige wallpaper with an intricate design on it's sidewall
This is a really pretty wallpaper for a powder room. Neutral, but funky. It comes in different colors too.