Little projects and ideas that have no particular home.
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Doll Hair: free pattern and tutorial-Step 1, The Base
Pleated Square Tunic || Free PDF Pattern || Shwin&Shwin

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Dip Dye Macrame Feather FABULOUS INSTRUCTIONS! 🕉


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Bullet journal. A good use of relaxation even if you aren't a Picasso or a Kahlo.
I'm finally diving in and explaining the HOW and the WHY behind my Level 10 Life spread :)
bullet journal beginning


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a red bag with flowers and leaves on it sitting on top of a white surface
Finished embroidery – a stumpwork embroidery ‘petal bag’
a spider sits on the ground in front of a glass plate with an intricate design
an embroidered scarf with flowers and beads on the bottom is laying on a blue surface
Dressing gown with embroidered poppies, passionflowers, pomegranates, dragonflies and moths. It's my second embroidery project, I seem to take to it ^_^
a small embroidered mouse sitting on top of a white piece of cloth with leaves and berries around it
Chloe Giordano Embroidery
a cross stitch pattern with mice and berries on it
a person is holding a white board with flowers on it and threading them together
Boho chic blue flowers embroidery tutorial. Pt.1
some type of embroidery stitchs are shown in black and white, with the words embroidery stitches
Craft like a ma'am — Spinnerin Volume 168 ~ Embroidery Stitches
the diagram shows how to use different stitchs on clothes and other things that can be used
Stitch patterns & design for embroidery : Brandon-Jones, Anne : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
a close up view of a black and white tie with an intricate design on it
Origami art video. Beautiful envelope. LOVE Origami art video. Beautiful envelope.
an easy t - shirt rug and diy adjutateable loom project
Weave a Boho T-shirt Rag Rug With Easy DIY Loom
three bags are lined up next to each other on a white surface, one is gray and the other is beige
Photoshop for embroidery used to design smocked bags
a woman in a blue dress on the catwalk and an image of a model walking down the runway
Smocking Techniques at Miu Miu
Shirts, Shirt Blouses, Long Sleeve Pullover, Types Of Sleeves, Pantalones, T Shirt, Vetements
Fashion Chic Clothes Online, Discover The Latest Fashion Trends Mobile
three different views of the back of a woman's white blouse with lace detailing
Великолепная вышивка, нежнейшее кружево, шелковые ленты: прекрасные детали антикварных платьев: Идеи и вдохновение в журнале Ярмарки Мастеров
DIY Creative Envelope