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three women are dancing in the dark with blue lights on their body and one woman has her hands up to her chest
ABBA Voyage is coming in 2022 – find out how to get tickets | Ticketmaster UK
a group of women standing on top of a stage in front of a crowd at a concert
a woman in a red dress looking at herself in the mirror with other people behind her
Frida and Benny ⭐
the stage is lit up with brightly colored lights
group of people standing on stage in front of spotlights
ABBA Voyage Official Website - 2024 ABBA Concert in London
three people in space suits standing next to each other with the word abra on them
the poster for abra voyage's concert at the palace theatre, london
Abba voyage poster
three people standing on stage in front of an orange sun
the backs performing on stage with their hands up in the air and lights shining down
ABBA: So genial ist die Avatar-Show
the lights are shining brightly in front of an audience at a music festival or concert
ABBA voyage
two women on stage in front of an audience at a concert with lights and sound
On a vu "Abba Voyage" : le groupe Abba de retour sur scène... ou presque
We zagen "Abba Voyage": de band Abba terug op het podium... of bijna
three people on stage with one person holding a piano and the other standing in front of them