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a woman talking on the phone in front of a pink background with black and white text
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a drawing of a taco with the words you are the only meat for my taco
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a black and white quote with the words new rules you're not allowed to work longer than the number of hours you slept the night before
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a quote that reads i like to think i am only mean to people who deserves it
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i just fired my self from cleaning my house, i don't like my attitude & i got caught drinking on the job
a black and white framed sign that says home is where the heart is you poop most comfortably
Home is where you poop most comfortable Poop bathroom humor #BathroomHumor
a white coffee mug that says be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire
Funny novelty mug- I don't mean to brag but I don't even need alcohol to make bad decisions