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Do These 7 Stretches in Just 7 Minutes for Immediate and Long-Lasting Back Pain Relief
the legs and butts of a man with text overlay that reads, the best leg exercises for mass
The Best Leg Exercises For Mass | QandA Fitness
Few things in the gym are as divisive as leg day. Some love it, some hate it (and some try to ignore it altogether) but the truth is that a solid leg workout should be an integral part of any workout program. Skipping leg day simply isn’t an...
an info poster showing the different types of exercises to do with dumbbells and barbell
Know Your Lifts: Deadlift
Know your lifts! Proper form for barbell squat, deadlift, overhead press and power clean.
an old photo of a man with no shirt on and his arms crossed, in front of
30 Days to a Better Man Day 18: Find Your N.U.T.s
15-Minute Morning Workout Routine | The Art of Manliness
the workout chart is shown in blue and white
Free Workout Chart Template
Workout Chart (on site page, there is a downloadable PDF version, but you have to complete it by hand)
an exercise log is shown in this image
Printable Exercise Log
For fitness buffs who like to keep organized and track their progress, and haven't found a mobile app yet. :-)
two things i like 1 weightlifting 2 not running
5 Foods That Sound Healthy – But Really Aren’t! – 5 Min To Health
a person riding a bike down a road with the words don't limit your challenges challenge your limits
Account Suspended
"Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits." #Fitness #Inspiration #Quote
a poster with the words why should i lift heavy?
Just How Heavy is Heavy Lifting - Eat More 2 Weigh Less
Nowadays, you can’t read about fitness without finding recommendations for women to lift weights…heavy weights. Statements like this might leave you scratching your head trying to determine just what qualifies as heavy lifting. The benefits of heavy lifting are many. I’ve highlighted a few. Visit for full article. #em2wl #heavylifting #strengthtraining
the person with the biggest dreams is more powerful than the person with all the answers
Kai Greene Look for more inspiration and work outs instructions over at http://www.fitbys.com