Promoting Social Skills

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A4 Poster, Magazine
Is it bullying poster - Families Magazine
the logo for engaging and effective
Hilarious Ted Talks for the Classroom – Engaging and Effective Teaching
a blog from a high school English teacher. Tips, resources, lesson ideas, and more
four different types of resumes with the words, job search skills and social skills
IB Transdisciplinary Skills. Free resource available at "Teachers pay Teachers"
a printable worksheet with the words about me this year
Interview Your Child: FREE Printable Form
free printable. "About Me This Year". Help remember your child's likes and dislikes. Great for older children to fill out themselves or younger children to be interviewed.
a sign that says fair isn't everyone getting the same thing, fair is everyone getting what they need in order to be successful
Important Class Information
"For as in ONE BODY we have many members, and the MEMBERS DO NOT ALL HAVE THE SAME FUNCTION... Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them... in proportion to our faith..." Romans 12:3-8.
an image of a man with a quote on it that says, i want to hire employees who don't finish their work said no boss ever
Conversations with students...
i want to hire employees who don't finish their work
a sign on a door telling people to keep their hands off each other's fingers
I need this!!!! My kids do not understand the difference and they are in 5th grade!!!
the words listen has the same letters as silentt on a black background framed print
What every good life coach knows
the cover of how to care for infoverts by dr hall on call and other topics
introverts versus extroverts
Handy little chart for caring for your introverts or extroverts. #relationships
a poster with the words 30 years from now, it won't matter what shoes wore
So true! Have had this poster in my classroom for years.... just hope the kids understand how true it is! Hard to do at the middle level!
a facebook page with the words think before you speak and then, it's true?
by @amber_michelleh thank you THINK: T=is it True? H=is it Helpful? I=is it Inspiring? N=is it Necessary? K=is it Kind?
more people need to just STOP their vile gossiping! From those who have a pathological etiology to the social climbers to those who have hateful cruel hearts.. Just because you say something cruel masked in sad victim talk.. STOP IT!!
a cross stitch pattern for children's books with the words, phrases and pictures on them
24 Quotes for Living a Happy Life, from Dr. Seuss
All the best quotes come from Dr Seuss--he's a guru.