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If you are looking for a chance to de-compress, an opportunity to give back to the world, get closer to your senses and rediscover your soul, we have carefully selected for you holidays that will help you get your life back.

Fishing in Kullaberg's tranquil sea & Nordic discovery Get Your Life, Beautiful Scenery, Outdoor Activities, Sweden, Discovery, Fishing, Spa, Adventure, Sunset

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Experience everything there is

Astonishing People and Space Photography by Ljubodrag Andric Space Photography, Conceptual Photography, Still Life Photography, Artistic Photography, Fine Art Photography, Amazing Photography, Wellness Hotel Salzburg, Cool Photos, Beautiful Pictures

Just because we all love life | Life & Soul Discovery, Wellbeing Travel Experience | Combadi

A unique experience that embodies all the Come Back Different stands for. Improve your wellbeing, re-discover your soul and your life's priorities, set new goals, start your living your life again as you always wanted. We all benefit from a self-discovery, give it a shot & you will simply never feel the same ever again.

Claim your life back & feel the energy flow in your body Get Your Life, New Life, Live Life, Qigong, Yoga Retreat, Treat Yourself, How To Stay Healthy, Countryside, Flow

Claim your life back & feel the energy flow in your body | Self Transformation Relaxing Retreat, Treat yourself to a new life | Combadi

Changing one's life is not an easy feat. We found this Energy & Qigong retreat and though that where better can you learn to live life to the full than in a restored stone farmhouse hillside estate in the Italian countryside... We were further persuaded when we saw the spectacular infinity pool, the warm hospitality and the handmade italian pasta... Fill your body, open your mind, then your soul will just flourish.

Fishing in paradise. Get Your Life, Lost City, Giving Back, Discovery, Trail, Paradise, Tours, Sunset, Country

Combadi - World Travel Site - Experience everything there is

Experience everything there is

Hadza Dance, Tanzania by Martin Schoeller. 50 Photos of the Day by National Geographic vol. Martin Schoeller, African Dance, African Art, African Culture, African Women, Mombasa, We Are The World, People Around The World, Tanzania

Tracking chimps through the trees of Uganda | Volunteer with Ugandan Chimps, Explore Human & Chimpanzee Interaction | Combadi

Volunteer in the largest remaining tropical Rainforest in East Africa. Work with the community to track & improve the forest trees fruit production affecting the chimps daily lives. A great travel expedition opportunity & the chimps will be eternally grateful.

A young girl's kite soared above Jaisalmer, India. From National Geographic travel photo contest entries. Jaisalmer, Go Fly A Kite, Kite Flying, Beautiful World, Beautiful Places, We Are The World, National Geographic Photos, India Travel, India Trip

We have handpicked this one for all of you out there painters at heart, that need a nudge to hold their brushes again!! No need to be petrified, this is not just a painting holiday, it’s an exploration of one of India’s most beautiful regions, not in your typical tourist way. You ll just be painting it as you go along...

Discover Easter island & stand in the company of giants Easter Island, Culture Travel, Chile, Discovery, Statue, Explore, Chili Powder, Chili, Chilis

Discover Easter island & stand in the company of giants | Cultural Travel Exploration, Easter island discovery | Combadi

The most remote island on the planet has always filled explorers with a sense of awe and wonder. The famously silent Moai statues may never fully divulge their secrets.

A sustainable beach holiday set to blow your mind away Volunteer Programs, Beach Holiday, Sierra Leone, Beach Fun, Sustainability, Discovery, Travel Destinations, Tourism, Community

Combadi - World Travel Site - Experience everything there is

Experience everything there is

A self-exploration experience out of the ordinary Self Exploration, Hotels And Resorts, The Ordinary, Cambodia, Mystic, Tours, Explore, Adventure, People

A self-exploration experience out of the ordinary | Cambodia Exploration Tour, Discover Mystical Cambodia | Combadi

An award winning overland adventure in Mystical Cambodia in lush hotels & resorts. Combine this beautiful country's exploration & the chance to be with a group of people that all previous participants have tagged as friends made for life. It is an opportunity to gain more understanding of yourself in the presence of others, through the development of physical, mental and spiritual trust.

Volunteer & Explore Tanzania | Volunteering Safari Trip, Beach, Bush & Safari Travel Expedition | Combadi Free Time, Tanzania, Safari, Africa, Explore, Beach, Travel, Trips, Seaside

Take in everything Africa has to offer from great volunteering projects assisting the locals get back on their feet, learn sport, work in a safari camp & improve the locals' lives substantially. On your free time, you ll get the chance to sit back at the pristine beaches & explore all the region has to offer. You want to experience Africa? Here is your chance.

A small step for you, a huge one for the lives of elephants Save The Elephants, Get Your Life, Fundraising, Trek, Wildlife, Adventure, Mountains, World, The World

Combadi - World Travel Site - Experience everything there is

Experience everything there is