Lighthouse Papas, Ikaria

Cavo Papas - Ikaria island,Greece-One of the last lighthouses in Europe that is operated by human.

Ikaria island, Greece

Ikaria, the way going to the port of Evdilos. From Campos. I walked this road so many times, raced on that beach when I was young. Around the last curve my favorite place on earth.

Honey from the beautiful Island of Ikaria, GREECE.

Constant sea (thalassa) views, flowers in abundance all year and the pure clean sea air is therapeutic.No wonder Ikaria was chosen as a "Blue Zone". It's ancient name was "the healing island." Homer, in the Odyssey talks of the strong wines of Ikaria.

"Theoskepasti" monastery meaning Covered by God in Ikaria island

"Theoskepasti" monastery meaning Covered by God in Ikaria island

Ikaria, Greece

Between July August visit Ikaria, Greece! Stay at Thea's Inn, which is a culinary gem run by an organic farmer his wife! Hike along the coast and soak in the ancient thermal hot springs. or check out the nudist beach!

Ikaria Island, Greece


Ikaria (Island) of Long-Life. They say that the people of Ikaria live the longest in comparison to any other place in the world.

Ikaria, Greece / Blue Zones

Ikaria, Greece

Deep within the Aegean sea, 35 miles off the coast of Turkey lies the Greek island of Ikaria. People are three times more likely to reach age 90 than in the U.