Konstantina Tzemou

Konstantina Tzemou

Konstantina Tzemou
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Qianhai Monument Landscape Island

Viar Estudio — Qianhai Monument Landscape Island "The main idea is to create a fusion between two parks. On the one hand a traditional park with trees, bushes, curved ways… On the other hand a second park elevated 5 meters over the first one"

Venice Biennale 2012: Future Bold? Post-City: Considering the Luxembourg case | ArchDaily

Image 23 of 25 from gallery of Venice Biennale Futura Bold? Post-City: Considering the Luxembourg case. Courtesy of Luxembourg Pavilion Exhibitors Yi-der Chou, Radim Louda, Philippe Nathan


Image 17 of 26 from gallery of Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts “RSICA” / Symbiosis Designs LTD.